Paint Puck Super Soap
Paint Puck Super Soap

Paint Puck Super Soap

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  1. Add four parts of (warm) water to one part of soap in any cup or jar. 
  2. Let your brushes soak (while rubbing bristles over Paint Puck)
  3. To remove all dried paint, let brushes soak until paint peels off
  4. Rinse brushes and let dry.

We know "Volatile Organic Compounds" as Acetone, Paint Thinner and Mineral Solvents. They emit flammable vapors and pose huge lasting health risks! Luckily, Paint Puck's Super Soap is not any of these things! Instead, it's the greatest replacement ever! Our Super Soap is an effective, yet eco-friendly soap that removes dried paint from brushes and anywhere else you may find it!

Safe to pour down the drain! Use it to clean the studio! Oil? Latex? Acrylic? It does not matter. It acts fast, within one minute!

Completely free of solvents and other bad chemicals! Paint Puck's Super Soap is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly degreaser that starts off gentle but still packs a punch!

Safe for ages 14 and older